Banner. We ship your DJ merch to your fans. no upkeep costs, no bulk order, no technical knowledge needed, no overhead costs.

Our FREE DJ marketing service will help you grow as a DJ or Producer. No catches. Period.

Catching a break as a DJ is tough. We thrive on helping up-and-coming producers get more exposure, more fans, and more gigs. So here's how it works:

step 1. submit your information

Fill out the contact form at the end to submit your DJ/Producer information.

step 2 your merchandise comes to life

We bring YOUR existing DJ logo design to life on a t-shirt.  You can use your own design or hire a 3rd party graphic designer to create your own design (we’ll just need permission to distribute these). Our logo is on the inside tag of your shirt, but the rest of the canvas is yours.

step 3 we ship you focus on main stage

We add YOUR merch to our store. This means ZERO up-front costs and eliminates the need to make a bulk order – we handle all of that and we ship worldwide.

step 4 get money to grow your brand

You get PAID! We split the net profits of every one of your shirts sold, 50/50. If you’ve got a great design we’ll even post, promote, and help you get more sales and more fans.

step 5 use us as a marketing tool

We will happily connect your Spotify, Soundcloud, and social links to your merch. This helps you reach new fans on a whole new scale. It’s like your own little website built right into our platform!

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Why should I sell shirts if I’m not a big time DJ?

This is a FREE marketing tool that increases your exposure and helps you build the fanbase you need to land more gigs. We have well over a decade of experience in DJ marketing, EDM event promotion, and marketing nightclub events. Fans wearing your brand is one of the easiest ways to get more people to see your name. A well-designed shirt can spark interest in your DJ brand from any location, which gets your name in the search box more often. 

What if I want to make a bulk order to sell shirts at my shows?

Our cost is your cost! If you ever want to make a bulk order of shirts to sell in person at any of your shows or events, make the order through us and we won’t charge you a single dime over what our cost is. This ensures you still have the option of making a bulk order if you wish to do so.

What kind of shirts are they?

We use a VERY comfortable 100% cotton unisex t-shirt with sizes ranging from XS up to 5X and the full spectrum of colors. Most of our designs are printed using this exact same shirt – we like it a lot. Each shirt is printed and made to order. 

That sounds like something I could do myself, right?

You could, but maintaining a handful of merchandise pieces and building a website that can process the orders is an expensive and a technically in-depth process. This means you lose valuable time growing as a DJ or producer – let us handle your merch while you reap all of the rewards to achieve your goals as a Producer and DJ.

How much do the shirts cost?

You set the price! This is highly variable on how many design elements go into your shirts. We recommend a retail price of around 30-60% above the wholesale cost. More detailed shirts with more sides printed on will increase the cost and the retail price. The average shirt with one single front or back print will retail at about $20-24 USD.

Can I make more than just a T-Shirt?

At the present moment, we only offer on style of shirt to new DJ’s of this service (it’s a good shirt, don’t worry). Once we have an established relationship, we may extend the offer to create more of your branded merchandise.

Does Royalty of Rave help me sell the shirts?

All of your merch will be available for purchase on all of our sales channels. This allows for customers that are outside of your current fanbase to have access to your merchandise and hopefully discover you as a new artist. Your merch may headline on our social media channels at some point, but there’s no guarantee. We also include your social and/or web links on your merch so that you can earn more organic search traffic.

There’s got to be a hidden cost somewhere, right?

Nope! If you have a logo or your own design, then it is and always will be 100% free. If you’re wanting us to do a special design for your merchandise, then we do charge a fee for that, but is totally optional and not required. You retain all of the rights to anything you provide and we’re non-exclusive – if we design something for you, we only own the rights to that one single design (so you can’t take our design and have another t-shirt printing company make shirts for you).

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