Las Vegas Area DJ Gear Rental

Looking to rent a club level DJ setup for your event or show? Live in the Las Vegas area? We've got you covered FOR CHEAP!

pioneer cdj setup with pioneer cdj 2000 nexus 2 and dim 900nxs2 mixer

We have a full Pioneer Nexus CDJ setup available for rental within the Las Vegas area. Whether you need it for a show, event, or just a weekend to gain some experience on a real live club level DJ setup, rent with us for less than the other DJ gear rental companies!

Gear included in rental:

Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 Media Players, Pioneer DJM900NXS2 Mixer, RCA Cables, Ethernet Cable, XLR Cables

We do not have any speakers available for rental. Only the Pioneer CDJ setup and XLR cables to connect to an established speaker system. 

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How long is the rental period? 

The rental period last from Thursday Night until the following Monday morning at 11 AM PST.

A lot of clubs use Pioneer CDJ 3000 Media Players. Is there much of a difference?

There are 2 main differences between Pioneer CDJ 3000’s and the CDJ 2000NXS2. The first being that there are a few more hot cue buttons and their location is different. The other difference is the display panel is slightly different. The 3000 has a bit more information and detail. However, transitioning between these 2 CDJ’s is nearly seamless after a little bit of clicking around.

What about the Pioneer DJM A9?

Most clubs have not transitioned to the DJM A9, Pioneers newest flagship mixer. The transition between the two would be relatively easy. 

How much is the rental?

We charge $250 for one rental period. Pickup is on or after the Thursday of the week, with the rental needing to be returned no later than 11AM PST on the following Monday. After that, late fees will be assessed.

Can the gear be delivered?

Possibly. Ask us and we’ll see, but there will be additional fees and charges for any delivery and setups. 

Where is the pickup location?

In the area of CC 215 and West Flamingo Rd in Las Vegas, NV. 

I’m not in Las Vegas. Can I still rent your DJ gear? 

You may reside outside of Las Vegas and still rent the equipment, however you will still be held accountable for abiding by pickup and drop off times of the DJ rental gear. 

If you live in Las Vegas and have been looking to gain experience on a festival or club level DJ setup, let us help you out! We own a festival level DJ kit that will help you grow as a DJ and gain the experience you need. A lot of new DJ’s use DJ controllers. After they get some practice in and get they’re first gig, they find out the club is using a Pioneer CDJ setup that they’ve never seen before! This gear is expensive to buy on your own, so renting is the next best option. 

Another benefit of renting our club DJ equipment is if you have your own show or event happening within the Las Vegas area and need a professional DJ setup for your artists! Nothing makes a music event look more professional than having professional CDJ decks for the artists to play on. It allows for seamless transition between artists along with high quality sound delivered to the venues speakers. Everyone listening will be able to tell that the quality of music is significantly higher, which ensures that you get more returning patrons to your show or event. Rent with us. We guarantee we’re cheaper than anybody else in the city!

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