Tribe of Nova Tragedy

A Message from Royalty of Rave: Unity in the Face of Tragedy

To our cherished global rave family,

At the heart of Royalty of Rave lies a simple principle: celebrating life through music, dance, and community. It is with profound sorrow that we reflect upon the harrowing events at the Tribe of Nova trance music festival in southern Israel.

In the backdrop of a night echoing “friends, love, and infinite freedom”, a sudden turn of events transformed the scene. Thousands were dancing to the rhythm of trance, lost in the joy of the moment. But the unexpected roar of rockets, followed by the chilling call of a “red alert” from the loudspeakers, broke the trance. The celebration near Netivot swiftly turned into chaos as attendees, some still adorned in ponchos and fairy lights, were caught amidst gunshots and the palpable threat of the unexpected Hamas attack.

The onslaught left at least 600 lives tragically cut short across the country, and many attendees at the festival were either kidnapped or faced harrowing experiences like Millet Ben Haim, who with her friends, sought refuge in bushes to avoid the line of fire.

Violence and fear are stark contradictions to the core values of our community. The rave scene is built upon pillars of love, unity, and acceptance. Such acts of violence and hatred are not only attacks on individuals but an affront to the very essence of what we stand for.

In the face of such adversity, Royalty of Rave wishes to emphasize our unwavering commitment to ensuring safe and inclusive environments at all our events. We deeply mourn the loss of life and the trauma experienced by survivors of the Tribe of Nova tragedy. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with them and their loved ones.

We urge our global rave family to hold onto one another during these times. Let’s continue to dance, to love, and to support. Remember, darkness cannot extinguish the light of unity and love that shines brightly within our community.

With love, unity, and unwavering solidarity,

The Royalty of Rave Team

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