Rave. It’s A Way Of Life.

Us ravers tend to connect our music to an entire experience beyond just one moment in life.

Imagine being in a place where the general expectation is that people are supposed to be kind and respectful to you.

Next, take your pick of imagining either a vibrant display of every color visible to the naked eye or a dark, non-stimulating, and color neutral space.

Finally, imagine not hearing a single sound, but instead the pleasure of sound waves vibrating and pulsing against your entire body with a consistent and undisturbed rhythm.

That is the feeling we became addicted to.

Craving the pulsing rhythms of the music against every cell in your body.

Particular to house and techno music, even just standing and bobbing back and forth for several hours isn’t uncommon.

Dancing your heart out to the maximum without anyone around you caring if you dance perfectly, how many social media followers you have, what brand of shoes you’re wearing, or any of the superficial coating outside life has.

Being able to close your eyes and just feel the music connecting you with the world and the people around you.

It’s the freedom we became addicted to.

Beyond the walls of the warehouse rave or the bordering fence of the festival grounds, we continue and hope to spread that energy throughout the world.

Carrying the energy of our music into our daily lives, we take efforts in being kind, respectful, and joyful to those around us.

Our music isn’t just a sad story of someone’s struggles, or an angry representation of the wrongs in the world – our music represents the hope and positivity that remains, fun, happiness, and love.

We bring our efforts to the forefront of society through beeps, boops, lasers, LED’s, and the full color spectrum in our clothing.

We don’t seek to be known, we seek to share our experience of love and happiness in all forms with everyone. Raving is our way of life, our culture, and our gift to the world.

We are The Royalty of Rave.

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