Silicone Top Thigh High Fishnet


Black fishnet stockings with silicone thigh top for more secure garter fit.

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Elevate your festival style with our silicone top thigh high fishnet featuring a silicone thigh top for a secure garter fit! These chic and versatile stockings are the perfect addition to your festival wardrobe. The black color exudes sophistication, making them a timeless choice for any occasion. The fishnet pattern adds a touch of allure and flair, while the silicone thigh top ensures a more secure and comfortable fit when using garters. Dance with confidence and embrace the festival spirit as you pair them with your favorite bottoms and accessories. Get ready to make a statement and rock the dance floor with these captivating Black Fishnet Stockings with silicone thigh top, perfect for any rave or music festival!


One Size, Queen Size


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