Fringe Bottom Lacy Mini Dress


Halter top mini dress with lace pattern. Available in purple (or maybe it’s blurple) and white.

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When you’re in need of a lacy mini dress, this is the one you’ve been craving. Why? Let’s start with the neckline – it’s got a halter style top, so your arms are free to dangle as freely as you want. It also makes for easier access to put deodorant on. Next up, it’s got a 2 different lace patterns; a diamond style lace over the bust and a cool floral lace over the rest. Last, but not least, FRINGES! Who doesn’t love a fringe on the bottom of their dress? If you answered “not me” to that question, well clearly you’re not a cat. I’m not actually a cat either. I have fingers. Meow.


Neon Purple, White


One Size


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