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Feral Print & Pink Bodysuit


Sheer leopard print bodysuit with pink spaghetti strap and trim.

Picture this: You’re riding the rail in the packed festival grounds of Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas. There’s a lot of people around and not much room to move. You take off your jacket and the people around you notice you’re wearing this enchanting jaguar print bodysuit with a cute pink trim and little bow ties. They’re not sure if it’s feral energy, or just another rave bae. Then the beat drops – You turn into an absolutely feral rave beast; shuffling, screaming, and dancing all of your heart out. You scared away the creepy dude eyeballing you because he just can’t handle your perfect self, but you’ve started the new feral rave pack you didn’t know you needed. RAWR!


One Size, Queen Size


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