Feral Print Deep V Mini Dress


Short sleeve mini dress with various animal prints and deep V plunging neckline.

We call this the feral print deep v mini dress for a few reasons. Number 1: It’s a beautiful mini dress, with a deep V style plunging neckline that would look beautiful in almost any scenario. Number 2: It’s got ALL of the feral cat prints on it – cheetah print, leopard print, and jaguar print. There might even be a hint of ocelot in there, but that’s besides the point. Number 3: There’s no reason to remain reserved while sacrificing beautiful rave fashion at the festival. Wearing this you can signal to all at any given moment you’re going to unleash your ferocious rave side – headbanging in a mini dress is probably only second to sliced bread.


Small, Medium, Large, XL


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