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Electric Blue Fishnet 2 Piece


Electric Blue High Waist Fishnet Set: Illuminate your festival look with our electric blue rave wear set, perfect for women looking to experience the full vibrancy of EDC Orlando!

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Light up the dance floor at EDC Orlando with our Electric Blue Fishnet Set, a stunning ensemble designed for the vibrant, festival-loving woman! This set, featuring electric blue high waist fishnet leggings and a matching bra top, is your ticket to standing out and shining bright amidst the pulsating beats and swirling lights.

The fence net style fishnet is not just a fashion statement but a celebration of freedom and expression, a must-have piece for every festival goer. Whether you’re losing yourself in the electrifying rhythms of EDM or moving to the melodic tunes of trance, this set promises comfort, style, and a dash of allure.

Crafted for the spirited women who live for the music, the lights, and the moments, this rave clothing piece is perfect for those looking to experience the magic of music festivals like EDC Orlando to the fullest. So, don your Electric Pulse set, step into the musical paradise, and dance the night away with joy, energy, and color!


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