Electric Zoo Chaos and Burning Man Drowning

Two music festivals making the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Labor Day weekend this year, if you’ve missed it, here’s the highlights:

Burning Man Festival Drowning Underwater

The Burning Man Festival started off great, but experience a little bit of rainfall that stranded over 70,000 festival goers.

Unfortunately a little bit of water goes a very, very long way when you’re in the middle of the Nevada desert.

The Playa stands on the former Lake Lohontan dry lake bed – if you’re not familiar with the desert territory, dry lake beds have the tendency to hold water when there is rain. Prior to the start of Burning Man, there had been a lot of rainfall in the entire Nevada region.

While a lot of news sources will say this is in an uncommon thing due to global warming, for the locals who have been around for awhile will strongly disagree with you.

It’s our monsoon season, and the weather has a brought a lot of much needed rain to the arid region.

Just days before the start of Burning Man, tickets were going on sale through 3rd party vendors for fractions of the original price.

Clearly a lot of would-be festival goers so the rain as an opportunity to save some headache.

Many videos were posted of production crew setting up stages being held back due to muddy conditions that were already presented to The Playa before the festival had even begun.

Luckily, the sun arrived and dried things back out in time.

However, the festivities didn’t end with such luck.

More rainfall fell to the area on the final days of the festival, which caused many people, an estimated 70,00 attendees including the likes of celebrities such as Diplo and Chris Rock to be stranded within the festival grounds.

Tents filled with water, RV’s, cars, and all of the sorts being stuck in the muddy conditions.

Access roads were blocked off to avoid encouraging people from causing more harm than good while trying to depart from the hazardous conditions.

However, there seemed to be many reports of people making the best of an unfortunate situation.

Regular inhabitants of The Playa typically prepare for a long camping experience in the once in a lifetime desert festival.

Despite the rain, mud, and potentially disastrous outcome, many seemed to maintain positive spirits and fostering a supportive continue to help everyone survive the experience.

Electric Zoo was less muddy, but was a disaster in the making

The Electric Zoo festival based out of New York, has been a long standing EDM music festival in the New York area since 2009.

Many festival goers were met with severe disappointment from start to finish. Per outside reports, the opening day was delayed due to construction of stages not even being complete.

Next up on the list of chaos on the last day entry: Evidently the festival had reached capacity and was no longer allowing people who had purchased valid tickets to attend the festival.

There were attempts made on their Twitter to notify people that this was happening, but I’m on the side of believing that a notification via Twitter isn’t exactly a positive way to notify customers that their tickets are invalid.

So, the people made their own choices and raided the gates!

There’s numerous videos on TikTok of people rushing the entry gates after being told they couldn’t enter the festival grounds. I can’t blame them much. If I paid for 3 days worth of festival, I’d prefer to get all 3 of those days (assuming it wasn’t my on fault from partying too hard) as well.

Of course the fun didn’t end there.

Whether the stories are true or not, evidently there was only one very small exit for thousands of people to leave the festival once the party was over.

From the couple of videos I saw, the exit was about 8 human beings wide. I’m no engineer, but that doesn’t seem like a very well thought out exit strategy.

After the events that led to the shooting at Beyond Wonderland festival, Electric Zoo descending into complete chaos, it’s clear that these music festivals have a bit more planning they need to do with the exponential increase in music festival attendees.

Festivals are exploding in popularity.

Companies chasing the dollar instead of providing a quality experience for the company are asking for more and more disasters to occur.

Many people complain about EDM festivals this year being less and less PLUR, but what can we expect?

They are now attracting a new fan base who simply do not understand the culture and respect we have for the music scene.

Education is a must, but the companies who run these festivals also need to be doing their part.

Stop overselling music festivals.

Seeking profits over a positive memorable experience will surely not end well.

If you want more attendees and more money, MAKE IT GOOD! Expand your footprint to a larger area, if you’re sold out, you’re sold out.

Unfortunately, I’ve worked in the healthcare industry where profits trump treating people like human beings. I’d like to be optimistic and think that the companies who run these EDM music festivals won’t make the same mistakes, but time will tell.

Maybe Royalty of Rave should step in and show them how it’s done?

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